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Drama: A Release of it All

Just Freak Out, Let it Go

30 January 1983
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ok...i hate having to describe myself cuz i never know what to say. maybe one day i'll take a bunch of song quotes and let them speak for me. being an english major has made me a grammar geek, but there are worse things to be. i can be sarcastic, pessimistic, hopeful, and giddy. i actually recently decided that i'm never going to feel anything ever again...and then i fell for david cook and his music, so there went that idea. there are a lot of times that i'll be serious and joking at the same time...maybe as a defense mechanism, but at least i know it. i'm a good listener, but i don't always listen to myself. eventually, i will write something that will explain everything to myself and the world, but i have to start it to finish it. i love music and going to concerts. i read a lot, but i also make sure i devote plenty of time to my tv addictions. this probably makes me sound pretty boring, and i probably am, but very few people will even read this, so it's okay. i'm not much of an exclaimation point person, but i do get excited about this stuff lol. i don't mind getting random comments from people i know or complete strangers, so feel free to say whatever you'd like. i don't have to listen to you, though.

also, if you'd like to compare this bio to my myspace one, it's here. there's pix of me there, too, in case anyone is that curious lol. oh, and facebook is now here.
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草摩 一族 Sohma Family Adventures RPG

[x] 草摩 由希 Sohma Yuki
[x] 草摩 溌春 Sohma Hatsuharu
[x] 草摩 杞紗 Sohma Kisa
[x] 草摩 紅葉 Sohma Momiji
[x] 草摩 はとり Sohma Hatori
[x] 草摩 綾女 Sohma Ayame
[x] 草摩 依鈴 Sohma Isuzu
[x] 草摩 燈路 Sohma Hiro
[x] 草摩 利津 Sohma Ritsu
[x] 草摩 紅野 Sohma Kureno
[x] 草摩 紫呉 Sohma Shigure
[x] 草摩 楽羅 Sohma Kagura
[x] 草摩 夾 Sohma Kyo
[x] 草摩 慊人 Sohma Akito
[x] 草摩 藉真 Sohma Kazuma
[x] 草摩 佳菜 Sohma Kana
[x] 草摩 モモ Sohma Momo
[x] 草摩 女将 Sohma Okami
[x] 本田 透 Honda Tohru
[x] 本田 今日子 Honda Kyoko
[x] 魚谷 ありさ Uotani Arisa
[x] 花島 咲 Hanajima Saki
[x]] 花島 恵 Hanajima Megumi
[x] 皆川 素子 Minagawa Motoko
[x] 倉前 美音 Kuramae Mine
[x] 白木 繭子 Shiroki Mayuko

Fruits Basket Crew
[x] Tohru Honda
[x] Hatori Sohma
[x] Akito Sohma
[x] Saki Hanajima
[x] Ayame Sohma
[x] Kazuma Sohma
[x] Momiji Sohma
[x] Hatsuharu Sohma
[x] Kagura Sohma
[x] Kisa Sohma
[x] Shigure Sohma
[x] Kyo Sohma
[x] Rin Sohma
[x] Yuki Sohma
[x] Arisa Outani
[x] Ritsu Sohma

Fruits Basket claims at zodiac_claims:
character: Arisa Outani

pair: Haru x Kisa

quote: "You damn rat!" -Kyo

abstract: the moment Kyo hugs Tohru in episode #26, Let's Go Home

by _midnight_sky_

Ravenclaw is love.

Kyo is Angsty Cat-boy Love

Haru is Crazy Black & White Love

Shigure is Sexy Puppy Love

Kyo x Tohru is Umeboshi Love

Tohru is Paired-up like Woah Love

Shoebox Project is Love

Is it Wednesday yet??

Tragic Love is Still Love

One Tree Hill is Love
One Tree Hill is Love
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Lucas Scott is Love
Lucas Scott is Love
made by allison_kate

Aquarius is Watery Love

Dr. Pepper is Love.

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User Number: 1979112
Date Created:1-23-04
Number of Posts: so many

Alina1212 mainly uses her LiveJournal to empty all the drama and angst from her head before it explodes. However, an easily amused Alina1212 also stores many quiz results in her journal as well. She is an Aquarius who enjoys spending time with friends and expressing her creativity by gluing all kinds of stuff to the back of her bedroom door. She collects pear items.
Strengths: Smart, funny, laid-back, creative. Able to analyze poetry and help others with problems. Is a good organizer.
Weaknesses: Overly observant. Can have issues with lying to herself. Often impatient with stupid people.
Special Skills: Writing, lying, stalking, acting, sleeping till noon. Often can predict which Simpson's episode will be on. Can make a CD soundtrack like you wouldn't believe.
Weapons: Nails, intellect. Can hit really hard.
Likes/Dislikes: Likes faries, Shakespeare, and scary movies. Hates reality tv, country music, and bad grammar.

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